About Laura


Laura Edelman is a Polarity Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher, and is IET certified.  Her practice is located in Kingston, NH. Having a background in massage therapy, she has a vast knowledge of how the human body functions and moves. However, she was always fascinated by the part of us that we cannot see. She is a firm believer that disease and afflictions of our physical body begin in our energy field. After experiencing energy work firsthand in healing herself, she realized that this is how she wants to help others.  Her greatest joy in this work is seeing people realize that they are at the helm of their own healing. Her intention is to give people the tools and the inner wisdom to feel balanced and whole again. The day she found Reiki and experienced the universal life force at another level, was the day her life changed. She knew then that she is here on this earth to share and teach these beautiful healing therapies.